Site Under Construction/In The Process of Being Restored

I'm still pursuing a solution to this problem, and am receiving support from my hosting which should in theory see the site up an running at least this year, hopefully sometime in the next few months. Most of my backups were corrupted, and may have to pay extra for the great amount of help I'm having to receive from my hosting. I find it quite unbelieveable the mark a simple accident has left, it will soon be a year since the site was wiped, it still leaves me incredibly frustrated.

This was part of the original site message:

"Due to a ridiculously unreasonable and annoying problem between my hosting provider and their server provider, my site got wiped.

My most recent backup is from March, so I will never get the time to recreate the site from that stage since the site was very underdeveloped then, and I made far too many edits and updates and file uploads/removals and painstakingly-long plugin and forum configuring, and a lot of other daunting things that I put tonnes of time, effort and work in, that I could never do again (especially the new forum, the whole thing is wiped, and it took me ages to install and configure).


The webmail part of the website is working absolutely fine though, which means if anyone would like a email just let me know and I'll see what I can do, or if you would like to contact me with my email,, go ahead.

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Here are my social links if you wanted to reach me another way (bear in mind some, like Yahoo!, I don't really use):


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